Asia-Pacific Oil & Gas Development

Twinza's objective is to discover and develop petroleum resources at low cost through application of best practices.

Focus on Offshore Papua New Guinea

Twinza is developing the Pasca A gas-condensate field following successful appraisal drilling in 2018.

Committed to Delivery of Value

Twinza works to ensure value is delivered to all stakeholders in its projects.

Introducing Twinza Oil

Twinza Oil Limited is an upstream Oil and Gas company with oil and gas assets in Papua New Guinea, all of which it operates with large equity positions.

Twinza Oil is focused on commercialising discovered but as yet undeveloped assets, balancing this with upside from early stage opportunities. Twinza’s executive management team has a proven track record in the early identification, development and operation of highly prospective oil and gas projects. Twinza has additional offices in Perth, Port Moresby and Brisbane, and is broadening its presence in Papua New Guinea to support its Pasca A development.

Twinza’s principal asset is the Pasca A liquids-rich gas field offshore Papua New Guinea. The Pasca A field development plan has been completed, the petroleum resources certified and the programme necessary to obtain the licences for full field development is complete. Once the necessary government approvals have been received, the Pasca A development will become the first offshore field development in Papua New Guinea. It is anticipated that development of the field will support further exploration and development of other fields in the Gulf of Papua.

What We Do

Papua New Guinea: Pasca A

Papua New Guinea: Pasca A

The Pasca A gas-condensate field is located offshore Papua New Guinea in the Gulf of Papua. Twinza has submitted a development plan which envisages two phases of production: initial production of natural gas liquids (NGLs) followed by gas export via floating LNG.

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Papua New Guinea: PPL 584

Papua New Guinea: PPL 584

PPL 584 is an exploration licence surrounding the Pasca A field. Discovery of gas from this acreage can be tied back to infrastructure developed by Pasca A as part of a larger gas aggregation hub in the Gulf of Papua.

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Media Releases

24th August, 2021

Pasca A Gas Agreement Yet To Be Finalised Despite Instructions From The Minister For Petroleum

The deadline to finalise drafting of the Pasca A Gas Agreement has expired without the State Negotiation Team making themselves available to meet with Twinza.

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9th August, 2021

PNG State Not Honouring Terms in Pasca A Gas Agreement which were Announced by Prime Minister 13th July 2021

After a month of silence the SNT Chairman returned an extensive mark-up of the agreement that bears no resemblance to the agreement of the 6th July 2021.

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6th August, 2021

Update on Pandora License Application

Twinza is awaiting a decision from the Minister for Petroleum concerning the Pandora license application ahead of the Pasca A Gas Agreement signing.

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