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ATP 784


ATP 784 is a large permit that covers an area of 1,845 square kilometres in southwest Queensland. The permit is situated within an unexplored gas-condensate fairway. No seismic has been acquired since 1984 and no wells have been drilled in the permit. The acreage is thus at a very early stage of exploration.

Twinza acreage in southwest Queensland
Twinza acreage in southwest Queensland
Quick Facts 
Lease ATP 784
Location Southwest Queensland, Onshore Australia
Terrain Flat ground interspersed with small sand dunes and dry channels
Discovered No discoveries
Field Type

Four different currently recognised play concepts:

  1. conventional Cooper Basin oil and gas plays
  2. unconventional basin centred gas
  3. coal seam gas
  4. high potential unconventional shale oil
Status Planning ground survey in preparation for seismic acquisition


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