HSE and Social Responsibility Policy

Twinza has adopted a policy towards health, safety, environment (HSE) and social responsibility (SR).

Twinza Oil Limited HSE & SR Policy

At Twinza Oil we commit to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for everybody involved in our activities and for the people who come into contact with our operations;
  • Take corrective or preventative actions to remove the causes of actual and potential incidents;
  • Readiness in response to incidents, accidents and emergency situations;
  • Ensure our operations comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate and other requirements to which Twinza subscribes;
  • Identify the impacts of our operations and implement controls to protect the environment in which we work in;
  • Use energy and resources efficiently;
  • Minimise emissions, reduce waste and prevent pollution from our operations through continuous improvement in technology and operating practices;
  • Engage effectively with stakeholders and impacted communities;
  • Respect the rights and values of the communities in which we operate and contribute to social and environmental improvement;
  • Provide clear reporting on our performance against objectives and targets.